Video: ‘I Haven’t Had SEx In Six Years’ – Maame Dokono

October 30, 2017 213 9 No Comments


Veteran actress, Grace Omaboe aka Maame Dokono, has disclosed that she has been a celibate for over six years now.

In an exclusive interview with Delay, the actress who is noted for her quarrelsome and wicked nature in movies, said men have toiled with her heart hence and has decided not to get close to them, let alone have s*x.

She said:

“I have served a lot of men in my life for several but when you are not appreciated, you don’t feel like doing it again.

If I cook for you and wash your underwear and later you cheat on me why should I bother about marriage?

I have not had sex in the past six years. You have sex when you are in love with the person but I don’t love anyone” she added.

She recounted how she has been so unlucky especially in her second marriage to a man ‘if her dreams’.

If I knew my second marriage will be this terrible, I would have stayed in my first marriage.’

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