Nurse shark bites Florida man and will not let go

September 28, 2017 165 3 No Comments



Remarkable video has emerged from Florida of a man battling to remove a nurse shark from his body after being bitten.

The footage, captured on September 2 off the coast of Marathon city, shows Ervin Maccarty stepping onto his boat with the shark hanging off his abdomen.

“He didn’t get your penis, did he?” asks one onlooker at the beginning of the video.

One of his friends comes in to help and tries to remove the shark with his bare hands. However, the animal is firmly hooked on to Maccarty’s belly, so he is forced to use a knife to remove the shark.

“Don’t cut me!” says Maccarty in the video as his friend approaches with a knife. “Don’t bleed him out on me!”

Once removed, the crew members try to place the shark in water to revive it.

Maccarty later explained what happened online: ”I was taking lunch break on boat while another six people were in the water retrieving.

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