Ed Sheeran – Bibia Be Ye Yie (Official Video)

August 3, 2017 218 2 No Comments

Ed Sheeran has released a video for the “bibia be ye ye” song! From a lovely shot of the sunrise, to the lighthouse in Jamestown
Right to the showcase of our favorite places in Accra( oh yeah chalewote is fast approaching).
To some yummy delicacies and of course our unmistakable”azonto-afropop” dances, the video  revolved around lifestyle, culture and colours.
the Musician announced the video on his Instagram page on Wednesday, August 2, 2017. “Since it’s summer I wanted to put out a video for Bibia Be Ye Ye that was made by a fantastic director called Gyo Gyimah and all filmed in Ghana.
I visited Ghana last year to make music with @fuseodg and @killbeatzgh, and whilst there was exposed to such wonderful culture, food, music and scenery. Me and Fuse wanted to showcase all of these things in a music video to show off the beauty of it.
This isn’t a single, but it’s the summer, and why not have a summer song come out with a feel good video for people to enjoy. It’s on YouTube now, just search Ed Sheeren- Bibia Be Ye Ye. And make sure you visit Ghana, it’s incredible. Enjoy the video!”
With over 1.4 million views in less than 24 hours  the video has received a lot of positive feedback. without typing much, watch the Gyo directed video.